Bathing suits….fatkini?

It is amazing to me how designers just do not get it, sometimes.  Esther Williams, the famed swimmer and actress, started a line of swimwear for women that was more flattering than anything on the market, at the time.  Finding her swimwear was difficult when it first came out, because it sold out as soonContinue reading “Bathing suits….fatkini?”

Leggings, They are not Pants.

Leggings are not pants.  They never were meant to be pants.  And, yes, when you see them advertised they show them with a short top, but they also show them with NO top…would you replicate that style?  They show bras without a top over them, would you wear the bra without a top?  It isContinue reading “Leggings, They are not Pants.”

Perfection in all things?

Perhaps the most frustrating subject I have to address is when women do not feel that they measure up to the expected physical appearance that is expected by a bunch of people who are being paid a lot money to create a perfect ideal, and they, most likely, themselves do not measure up to thatContinue reading “Perfection in all things?”

Figure Flaws? No, Design Flaws.

I was asked earlier this week what to do about figure flaws.  Hmm.  Well, first of all, figure flaws are not the issue we have at hand.  Someone with a tapered hip will have adipose tissue build up on the hips, tummy, and bottom.  Someone with a high hip will have adipose tissue build upContinue reading “Figure Flaws? No, Design Flaws.”