People of Faith in a Climate of Doubt

One hour – $500

Half Day – $800

Add ons:

  • Each person receives a Your True Colours workbook: $10 per person
  • Each person receives worksheets – $5.00 per person or Free if printing is provided
  • Book – $10.00 per book.
  • Travel expenses to be paid by booking company, including air fare, rental car, and hotel. A meal expense is not required. Travel expenses not required within 100 mile radius of Memphis TN.

An Introspective: The Hiding Place Apply the principles within the book by Corrie Ten Boom, step by step goal setting. Available through Amazon.

Your True Colours: Life Image Learn how to set and achieve goals. Available through Amazon.

Courage to be Happy A detailed goal to be happy in your life. Free for Kindle! Available through Amazon.

​ Creating Courage Online Lessons Included in the OnLine Lesson are the worksheets, Power Point, and video. Choose the class you want, and email to We will send you a PayPal invoice, and then you will receive the information for the class.

  • Goal Setting and Plan Your Day Lesson $15.00
  • Is Your Defense Secure (Creating the Climate for the Holy Ghost) $15.00
  • Family History Begins with History  $15.00
  • ​Scripture Reading & Study $15.00
  • Forgiveness, This class is FREE  
  • Developing Gratitude  $15.00
  • Prayer, This class is FREE

DIY Courage Handouts
Perhaps attending a class online is not an option for you.  We have the Do It Yourself classes.  Choose the Handout you want, and email to .
We will send you a PayPal invoice, and then you will receive the handouts.​

  • Gratitude Workbook:  A workbook used in Creating Courage that prepares the user for achieving goals in gratitude and joy.  $5.00 via PayPal​​
  • ​Goal Setting Workbook:  A handout used to examine where one is in determining which goals are needed.  An excellent form for getting started when feeling overwhelmed, or when you have never worked with a goal setting program.  The handout is $5.00.
  • Free Reading Chart:  A chart to keep track of reading.  Simply check off the days, at 21 days you have created a habit!  
  • Creating a Personal History:  ‘Thought joggers’ to get one on the road to preserving a personal history to pass down to children and grandchildren.  $5.00 via PayPal.  
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