Crazy Leg Style


Thanks for joining me!  Crazy Leg Style, that’s our style.  It’s a little crazy, but I love it.  Fashionistas hate it.  But I love it.  And that is all that matters.  Come with us as we journey into the world of ‘fashion’ and dispel the myths they try to hold all of us to as we stumble and fall along the style journey.  Share our articles, our site, our photos (each post will have a picture of the crazy legs for the day) on your social media sites.  Let’s call out the fashion industry…”The Emperor has no clothes on!”  Let’s be that small child that yelled out in the famed fable!  We’ve had enough!

Let’s Go On a Get Motivated Adventure!
Masks, An Added Expense
Hand Sanitizer and Cuticles Do Not Mix
Was Your Nail Salon Deemed ‘Non-Essential’!
Evening Pajamas and Daytime Pajamas
Quarantine Fashion, or What to Wear While Stuck at Home
No Fuss Hair
Spring 2020 (Do We Really Pay Attention?)
Cruise Wear
What’s With the Eye Lashes!?
Here’s a Great Store
Game Day!
Lipstick Frustrations
It’s Cold Outside!
Seriously, Designers, We Want a Higher Neckline
I Like My Style, So, Back Off!
The White Shirt
Smile! It’ll Look Great on You!
‘Mom Jeans’ Are Just Fine!
Does Your Style Stop at Fashion?
Give a Compliment
Warm Weather Fashion
Anything Goes–Or Does It?
Patriotic Clothing–Yea or Nay?
Leave the New Princess’ Dress Alone!
Dresses, Summer of 2018
Fashion Bullies
Top 10 Reasons to No Longer Be Frustrated with Style
Your True Colours

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