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YTC book cover
We live in an age where instant gratification is at its height. Instant gratification does not encourage the setting of short term, and eventually, long term goals. We have developed a simple program of goal setting and working towards individual changes within one’s life experiences and daily encounters. Our subjects cover a variety of different options within one’s personality, personal choices, or professional endeavors.

Do not overload yourself. Make yourself accountable. Present yourself in your best light, and then move forward toward that life definition.

Select two goals a month, one from two different subjects. After you have completed one goal in each subject; start over again. Sometimes you may be able to choose more than two goals a month, however, realize that to change behavior one must do a goal for at least 21 days.

Do not give up. If you stop for a few days, just pick up where you left off. If it is a goal that would change behavior, then your 21 days would start over.

To purchase the manual, or sign up for coaching click here.


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