Duluth Trading for Women

What?! The beaver proof clothing has women’s clothing?? Yes, it does. It reminds me of L. L. Bean, however a bit more fashionable. Did I say fashionable? It is basically very classic styling with a hint of up to date thrown in. I got a basic cotton shirt, a scarf, and a pair of careerContinue reading “Duluth Trading for Women”

Courage to Say “Why Me Lord”, Part 2

Try me lord,If you think there’s a way,I can try to repay,All I’ve taken from you,Maybe Lord,I can show someone else,What I’ve been through myself,On my way back to you, Jesus, my soul’s in your hands. Last week we challenged you to find those things for which you are grateful, and where you have ‘wasted’ talentsContinue reading “Courage to Say “Why Me Lord”, Part 2″

Courage to Ask “Why Me Lord?”

Why me Lord, what have I ever doneTo deserve even oneOf the pleasures I’ve knownTell me Lord, what did I ever doThat was worth loving youOr the kindness you’ve shown. I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it quite a while ago. As I was listening to it on Pandora this weekContinue reading “Courage to Ask “Why Me Lord?””

Courage to Not Get on the Bandwagon

With the hyper information from social media one subject can become fact immediately without the little bit of research that could disprove that fact. One brief example is the hyper ignorance bebopping around about ivermectin. Regardless of how you feel about political situations, the mean posts, misleading memes and people just not being nice toContinue reading “Courage to Not Get on the Bandwagon”

Fashion Purchase Off of Facebook

I kept seeing the same posts over and over, Betabrand pants. I have a difficult time finding pants that fit well. I have a long torso, and I am the tallest for petite and the shortest for regular. I always have to hem pants. Hemming is not really a problem, the problem comes when theContinue reading “Fashion Purchase Off of Facebook”

What is Joy? And, Why is it Important?

We have discussed joy. But, what is joy? Is it physical? Is it ignoring the woes of the world? Joy is a state of being, derived from knowing the pure love of Christ, and exhibiting that in one’s life. This is why it is important. We are here on Earth to have joy, we areContinue reading “What is Joy? And, Why is it Important?”

Courage to be Joyful

What is joyful? It is true happiness coming from deep within. Satan doesn’t like joy, he wants people to be depressed, frustrated, hateful, and the list goes on. Robbing us of our joy that is found in the gospel is how evil grows. Even when we have been wronged, actually or misconstrued, Satan digs itContinue reading “Courage to be Joyful”