Courage to Like Yourself Physically – My Answers

My eyes. My long waist. My long fingers. My long arms. My shoe size. My eyes are blue – for some reason that is supposed to be a beauty standard. I like the deep blue that they are, regardless of what ‘fashion dictates’. I even like that they are sensitive to the sun because IContinue reading “Courage to Like Yourself Physically – My Answers”

Break the Fashion Rules

Forever and ever we’ve been told that older women should not wear shimmer eye shadow. Why? Because the ‘shimmer’ adds light, which then draws attention to the eyes…where the wrinkles live. I’ve just now discovered it in an eye shadow stick by Ulta, and I love it! Pearlized fingernail polish was supposed to ‘bad forContinue reading “Break the Fashion Rules”

Energy in the Morning! Essential

2/15/2021 We have a guest blogger today!  Meet my new friend, Bettye Shelton!  She’s amazing, and full of energy! What is Thrive 123? Are you wondering how to get energy in the morning? And sustain that energy throughout the day? A lack of energy is often the result of poor sleep habits, gaps in nutrition,Continue reading “Energy in the Morning! Essential”

Family and Traditions, It All Goes Together.

We attended a family wedding in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  While there we did some exploring of the area.  That exploring led us to the Rappahannock Railroad Museum.  It really isn’t that much, just two cabooses and a box car to walk through and see some cool old stuff.  It is manned by volunteers, and is onlyContinue reading “Family and Traditions, It All Goes Together.”

Allowing the Spirit to be Present

I was invited to attend a Christian women’s event.  I was happy to be able to attend and cover it for our magazine.  The event was organized by Tina Tatum, RefresHer 2015.  It truly was a refreshing event.  Like minded people meeting together to simply rejuvenate and get in touch with the Holy Ghost.  ItContinue reading “Allowing the Spirit to be Present”