Break the Fashion Rules

Forever and ever we’ve been told that older women should not wear shimmer eye shadow. Why?

Shoes from Amazon, socks and fishnets by who knows where, skirt by Bryn Walker.

Because the ‘shimmer’ adds light, which then draws attention to the eyes…where the wrinkles live. I’ve just now discovered it in an eye shadow stick by Ulta, and I love it!

Pearlized fingernail polish was supposed to ‘bad for your nails’, that was what they used to say to say it’s not in fashion. It’s my favorite polish in most cases! (Wearing it right now!)

Older women should wear shorter hair styles. Why? Because longer hair takes the eye ‘down’, and that happens to be the neck, where wrinkles live. I have friends who wear longer hair, and they look great! I don’t usually go much past my shoulders because my hair is too thin and starts looking stringy, but, hey, if you have the right hair…go for it…no matter your age!

Women should always wear heels to give shape to the legs. Whoever came up with that thought process must have been a man that doesn’t have to wear heels! And, today’s heels have absolutely lost their ever loving minds! What sane person thinks that 4 inch stilettos can be worn longer than 15 minutes standing still. I’ve been wearing flats for several years now. Mind you, if I put on heels, then my ankles are a little narrower, and my feet are a little sorer. So…my feet being sore outweighs my ankles looking slimmer and my calves being shapely.

Older women can’t wear powder foundation. Why? Supposedly it settles in the (yes, that word again) wrinkles. I’ve been using Purminerals powder foundation for several years now, I may NEVER go back to liquid foundation. Why? It’s easier to use. It covers more evenly first time around. And, powder foundation today is so light, it doesn’t settle in the (here it goes) wrinkles.

Older women can’t wear pastels. Why? It washes them out. Only if it’s the wrong color for your skin tone! Wear those pastels in your color palette and you will be JUST FINE!

Older women can’t wear jeans. Why? I have no clue. Don’t even think you can take away a staple in my closet since High School! That is just not going to happen. The jeans should be a good fit, but that is true for anyone wearing jeans! Simple lines look better with the heavy denim fabric, on any age, any body type, and any personality!

We are bombarded with what we can or can not wear if we are over 50. The internet and social media needs to have lots and lots of content to fill all that space. Sometimes I wonder who in the world writes some of these articles. Basically, it’s the 21st Century, fashion magazines and fashion blogs are going out of style. Women want to feel comfortable. Women want to feel like they look their best, and frankly we all know that MOST of the styles that show up today just do not flatter women, at all. So, break the ‘rules’ that someone somewhere at some past time decided were the rules. Basically, learn what your body line, personality, and color are and how they apply to your wardrobe and you will never go wrong. You can go terribly wrong following the fashion magazines!

Published by Carolyn Bendall

A fashion and image expert, presenting seminars, classes, and individual consultations. Monthly makeover column in the Commercial Appeal, hosts a radio show on fashion, beauty, image, and entertainment, writes a blog reviewing products with complete honesty, and trains image consultants from around the world.

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