Do You Wear Your Faith?

I have a bracelet that has a cross, a crown, a representation of a diamond, and a heart; I love it. I have a leather bracelet that says ‘Faith’ on it. I want one that says “Courage”. I recently came across a company that does clothing and accessories depicting faith. And, what caught my eye was “Beautifully Flawed” emblazoned across a tee shirt. I am NOT a tee shirt person, so for me to purchase a tee shirt, it must be something special!

I thoroughly get behind positive companies. There are so many companies today that promote less than glamourous selections for women and girls. I see horrible sayings on clothing, suggestive words across pants and tops, and just generally clothes that I truly wonder what the fashion or style is that is trying to be depicted.

I really do wish the tee that I purchased had a jewel neckline instead of the true tee shirt ribbed neckline, that way I could wear it with to work; but, I’m still not sure that it would be work appropriate with wording across it! However, I can wear the necklaces without any problem. They have faith necklaces, with tiny beads representing the mustard seed; a gold triangle representing the Trinity and knowing that they will always be with you; a ‘Chosen’ necklace, and two key chains. One of the key chains I do love, “Be Still”, as soon as they make that as a necklace or bracelet I will get it!!

They are pretty awesome, and you really should check them out. Also, each month they choose a charity that helps women and a portion of the orders go toward that charity. So, would you wear you faith for all to see? Use the coupon code CAROLYNBENDALL and receive 15% off!

Published by Carolyn Bendall

A fashion and image expert, presenting seminars, classes, and individual consultations. Monthly makeover column in the Commercial Appeal, hosts a radio show on fashion, beauty, image, and entertainment, writes a blog reviewing products with complete honesty, and trains image consultants from around the world.

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