Courage to Listen to Meaningful Music

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. ” (Colossians 3:16) “…teaching and admonishing one another…” Songs of worship should be teaching and admonishing. We have so many beautiful and meaningful songs that haveContinue reading “Courage to Listen to Meaningful Music”

Courage to Say “Why Me Lord”, Part 2

Try me lord,If you think there’s a way,I can try to repay,All I’ve taken from you,Maybe Lord,I can show someone else,What I’ve been through myself,On my way back to you, Jesus, my soul’s in your hands. Last week we challenged you to find those things for which you are grateful, and where you have ‘wasted’ talentsContinue reading “Courage to Say “Why Me Lord”, Part 2″

Courage to Ask “Why Me Lord?”

Why me Lord, what have I ever doneTo deserve even oneOf the pleasures I’ve knownTell me Lord, what did I ever doThat was worth loving youOr the kindness you’ve shown. I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it quite a while ago. As I was listening to it on Pandora this weekContinue reading “Courage to Ask “Why Me Lord?””

Courage to Not Get on the Bandwagon

With the hyper information from social media one subject can become fact immediately without the little bit of research that could disprove that fact. One brief example is the hyper ignorance bebopping around about ivermectin. Regardless of how you feel about political situations, the mean posts, misleading memes and people just not being nice toContinue reading “Courage to Not Get on the Bandwagon”

What is Joy? And, Why is it Important?

We have discussed joy. But, what is joy? Is it physical? Is it ignoring the woes of the world? Joy is a state of being, derived from knowing the pure love of Christ, and exhibiting that in one’s life. This is why it is important. We are here on Earth to have joy, we areContinue reading “What is Joy? And, Why is it Important?”

Courage to be Joyful

What is joyful? It is true happiness coming from deep within. Satan doesn’t like joy, he wants people to be depressed, frustrated, hateful, and the list goes on. Robbing us of our joy that is found in the gospel is how evil grows. Even when we have been wronged, actually or misconstrued, Satan digs itContinue reading “Courage to be Joyful”

Courage to Like Yourself — My Answers

Just like Courage to Like Yourself, Physically, I am doing this exercise to emphasize the importance of this step! I am happy–and I do like to smile and uplift others. I am genuinely happy. I choose to be happy. I could find plenty to be sad about all the time, especially in our world today.Continue reading “Courage to Like Yourself — My Answers”

Courage to Like Yourself–Your Talents

Do we recognize our own talents? We think of talents as playing an instrument, singing, or athletes, or art, or writing, or acting. These are not the only talents people have. Our talents are gifts from our Heavenly Father. We each have different interests which lead us to different talents. Our Father in Heaven hasContinue reading “Courage to Like Yourself–Your Talents”

Courage to Change What You Don’t Like About Yourself

OK, so, this is NOT to turn into a ‘so here are 100 things I hate about myself’ post. That’s easy for us. Instead we are going to look at just ONE thing that you really want to change. And, NO PHYSICAL changes, this is just spiritual or personality. You cannot list things like –Continue reading “Courage to Change What You Don’t Like About Yourself”

Courage to Like Yourself

In this insane world of social media where we have instant information and unfortunately instant opportunities to tear people down. One’s opinion is instantly agreed with or chagrined or even massacred. Everything is up to scrutiny for people who already have a low opinion of themselves its devastating. When we compare ourselves to others whoContinue reading “Courage to Like Yourself”