Figure Flaws? No, Design Flaws.

I was asked earlier this week what to do about figure flaws.  Hmm.  Well, first of all, figure flaws are not the issue we have at hand.  Someone with a tapered hip will have adipose tissue build up on the hips, tummy, and bottom.  Someone with a high hip will have adipose tissue build up at the waist and tummy, and will have a flat bottom and slender legs.  Those are not figure flaws, those are facts.  Hard cold facts.  The flaws come from the designers!  So, let’s re-phrase the question that I was asked, “What do we do about design flaws?”

Why design flaws?  Because what sane person thinks that a size 14 can wear a body hugging top with spandex in it, and it will look the same as a size 0 wearing the same top?  NO!!  Anything over about a size 8, should not be body hugging.  But, that is too expensive to mass produce.  For each size to have a slightly different pattern angle is not cost effective, so we have women wearing tops that cling to every bump and bulge they have.

More design flaws, pants made for a tapered hip that come way below the waist.  That is when we have the crack issues.  (Need we further explain?)  Tapered hips have fullness at the hip and bottom, and when one sits the material of the pant slides down in direct proportion to the spread of the body as it sits.  Add, this to some poor sole that has a long torso, and guess what…she now has indecent exposure!!

Design flaws are accepted by us!  We concur with them by purchasing them!  Stop purchasing them!  If all of the tapered women would stop buying skinny jeans, then guess what, skinny jeans would go away!  There is nothing more unflattering that even a size 0, tapered hip,  in jeans that were made for high hips (no extra material to allow for a thigh that has a hip bone and the bottom, high hips have no hip/thigh bone and flat bottoms so skinny jeans are made for them).  If you want to look fat, even as a size 0, wear too tight skinny jeans or tapered leg jeans.  Bad look, very bad look.

Then there is the legging or jegging.  Oh my, the enemy of the tapered hip woman.  High hip women can successfully wear these, with a straight tunic.  Tapered hip women can successfully wear it with a full tunic.  No one should ever wear a crop top or waist or hip length top.  Yes, I know that is the photo on the packaging, but that is so that you see the legging or jegging.  Notice, they are sold in the hosery department, not the pants department.

Other design flaws are the lack of darts in tops anymore to allow for the bustline.  Instead they use stretchy spandex so that the shirt can stretch over the bustline.  ‘C’ cups and up are not overly benefitting from this style!  The designer now assumes that everyone is an ‘A’ or ‘B’ cup.  Silly, isn’t it.  But, there again, we buy it anyway.

So, stop tearing yourself down with figure flaws, and start noticing the design flaws!

Published by Carolyn Bendall

A fashion and image expert, presenting seminars, classes, and individual consultations. Monthly makeover column in the Commercial Appeal, hosts a radio show on fashion, beauty, image, and entertainment, writes a blog reviewing products with complete honesty, and trains image consultants from around the world.

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