Top 10 Reasons to No Longer Be Frustrated with Style


We are held under a microscope every time we walk out the door…or so the fashion editor wants you to think.  But, seriously, unless you are on the page ‘People of Walmart’, they really don’t pay attention.  Now, if you are standing before a group and presenting, how you dress can affect how they pay attention…wearing black will get no responses, because black is authoratative; or, wearing a navy jacket and khaki slacks they will never make eye contact with you because one’s eye goes to the lightest point and you sent your audience’s eye to your legs.  So, there are some dynamics as far as color and how we react to that.  However, for the most part we walk around unnoticed as far as someone saying, “Oh my, she (or he) didn’t read the latest issue of Vogue (or GQ).”  So, with that in mind, here is how to regain one’s sanity after being immersed in what is the latest and greatest style and we must ALL wear it.

10.  Throw away all fashion magazines you have in your house and vow right now to never buy another one.  Realize that what is the latest and greatest in fashion magazines is actually PAID ads.  Yes, the latest and greatest pays to be the latest and greatest.

9.  Do not watch music videos.  They are selling ‘sex’, regardless of what they try to say, ‘sex’ sells and they sell it very well in music videos.  No realistic clothing is usually used in music videos.

8.  Do not shop with friends.  They have their style and they will try to push it on you…not on purpose.  Just, be aware when you ask someone their opinion, it is their opinion, which translates to “I don’t like that, it isn’t my style and I wouldn’t wear it.”  Because it’s easier to say, “Ewwww.”

7.  If the sales associate hovers and tries to sell you everything on the shelf, don’t trust their judgement.  I have ONE sales associate in my town that will actually say, “Oh no, Ms. Smith, that is not you.  You will not like that.”  Or, “Ms. Jones, that just didn’t translate well when you put it on, let’s keep looking for the right thing for you.”  That is RARE.  Most, even in HIGH END stores/boutiques are there simply for the commission.  They are paid ‘Yes men’.

6.  Throw away all fashion magazines.  (Becuase I know you didn’t.)

5.  Stop watching any makeover shows.  I was asked to do a makeover show, as an image consultant.  And then I was asked to do the makeover column in the newspaper.  The reason, because both the reporter and fashion editor knew that I would keep the person in their color, body line, and personality.  One of my ‘go to’ hair colorist’s was also asked to be on a national makeover show.  Mind you, he is the BEST in the entire South (according to Vogue, an opinion of one of the editors); but they wanted him to PAY $10,000 to be on the show.  He declined.

4.  If the department store makeup associate puts 20 products on your face, do not buy any of them.  Sad to say many beauty products are simply up-sells.

3.  Be comfortable in your skin.  Do not let anyone dictate that only certain sizes are appropriate.  Our genetics dictate what we look like.  Some of us have sensitivities to foods that mess up our system.  Some of us have hormone issues.  Some of us have situations where we don’t ‘burn’ calories no matter what we do.  Some of us were skinny, and then woke up one day not skinny and changed nothing in our daily life except age.  You know if you are healthy, that snide remark or smirk from the high fashion world…smile back, it will drive them crazy!!!

2.  Be comfortable with your coloring and your personality.  Hot pink may be the ‘in’ color, but if you put it on and all of a sudden you have circles under your eyes, then Pantone can get over themselves!!  If your team’s biggest foe’s colors are bright orange and it is the ‘in’ color, then Pantone can get over themselves!!  (Both of those examples are real stories.)

1.  Smile.  Smile, because you threw out fashion magazines and now rule your own closet.  But, most important, you are on your way thinking for yourself.

Published by Carolyn Bendall

A fashion and image expert, presenting seminars, classes, and individual consultations. Monthly makeover column in the Commercial Appeal, hosts a radio show on fashion, beauty, image, and entertainment, writes a blog reviewing products with complete honesty, and trains image consultants from around the world.

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