Bathing suits….fatkini?

It is amazing to me how designers just do not get it, sometimes.  Esther Williams, the famed swimmer and actress, started a line of swimwear for women that was more flattering than anything on the market, at the time.  Finding her swimwear was difficult when it first came out, because it sold out as soon as it was put on the floor. When I bought mine, I literally had to have it reserved for when it came in.  Now, a plus size blogger is designing a swimsuit that is beautiful, and specifically for plus size women, Gabifresh.  Yes, the line is called Gabifresh, NOT fatkini like you will see in articles.  It took a 10 minute search to finally find the ‘real’ name of these wonderful plus size swimsuits.  Isn’t that sad.

Women want to cover certain areas of our bodies, we do not want it all exposed.  Women have had no favors given to them in the line of bathing suit designs.  Very sad.  Tapered hip women who have hips and put their weight on in their thighs, lower tummy, and bottom (no matter the size, from a size 2 to 22!!), were destroyed by the ‘French cut’ bathing suit.  You know the one, the side goes all the way up to the waist now!  It started with just about an inch hike on the side, and it just kept getting higher and higher.  Well, those style was created to ‘lengthen the leg’.  Here is the problem with that logic.  It is only flattering on a high hip body type, one that has no definitive waist, they put their weight on across the middrif.  And, they usually already have longer legs than average.  So, why would they want longer legs?  Who would want longer legs, tapered hips.  However, the ‘French cut’ accented their hips, in a very unflattering way.  So, in reality this style was created for NO ONE!!

The elegant swimsuit is one that covers the hip on the tapered hip woman.  Or, that creates waist for the high hip woman.  The elegant swimsuit is the one that a woman can wear and not fear what she may show while playing in the water.

Now, there are those of you that are thinking I am a prude.  Well, no.  I’ve lived in California and Hawaii.  I’ve seen the tee shirts that are worn OVER the skimpy bathing suits.  Not just while on the beach, but while in the water.  I’ve also seen the skimpy bathing suits that were worn on the beach, and in the water.  And, the tee shirts far out number the other.  The item worn now over the bathing suit is the spandex short (usually an athletic short of type) or the ‘board shorts’.  So, you tell me…do women want to be covered on the beach?  Yes, they do.  Granted, there are those few that want to wear a bikini; and some with no care for what we see, meaning putting a size 14 body into a size 10 bikini.  Oh, that hurts my eyes just thinking about it.  Ladies apparently are not aware of the ‘Dunlap disease’.  Many men are accused of having it, however, women seem immune to it when they put on that bathing suit.  What is ‘Dunlap disease’?  When your belly has done lapped over your pants!

Check out these suits, they are timeless and elegant.  or

Esther Williams swimwear
Esther Williams swimwear
Gabifresh Swimwear
Gabifresh Swimwear
Swimdress by Esther Williams

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