Allowing the Spirit to be Present

Reflect. Refresh. Release.
Reflect. Refresh. Release. Photo by Cherokee Rose Photography

I was invited to attend a Christian women’s event.  I was happy to be able to attend and cover it for our magazine.  The event was organized by Tina Tatum, RefresHer 2015.  It truly was a refreshing event.  Like minded people meeting together to simply rejuvenate and get in touch with the Holy Ghost.  It was a wonderful meeting, and I still am disappointed that I missed the last morning.

At one point during the event, Sherri Henley, the keynote speaker noted that  we were all together, worshiping and glorying God, Catholics, Evangelicals, Baptists, and Mormons.  That was a comforting feeling, because there were no gasps.  I don’t think anyone there ‘knew’ who the Mormon was, except Henley.  Why should I have had to hold my breath when I was ‘outed’ as the Mormon there?  Though, I never really was ‘outed’, because my name was never mentioned.

I was raised Baptist, and attended church with my Assembly of God family when we visited in Arkansas.  I’ve experienced the excitement some have when they feel the Spirit speak to them. I never felt the need to express myself in that way while attending church with my Arkansas family.  But, I also never thought they shouldn’t be doing it, either.  An apology was offered, but not needed following an exhilarating experience, thinking I might have been offended.  No.  I was not offended.  I felt the Spirit, too.  I simply manifest it in a different way, with eyes tearing up, and silent prayer.  We were all refreshed.

Multi-faiths standing in worship as Children of God.
Multi-faiths standing in worship as Children of God. Photo by Cherokee Rose Photography

What world are we in when someone feels the need to apologize for a religious experience?  One where too many are offended quickly if they experience something other than what they are ‘used to’.  Or, comfortable with.  Or, believe in.  It is a sad place we have entered.  May we come into a place that allows us to meet together and pray together, without judgments that don’t affect the worship.  Recently radio show host, Glenn Beck, related that when he was asked to speak at a church in Alabama, someone in the audience stated, “Isn’t it wonderful that Glenn has come to his senses and left the Mormon church.”  He went on to say that the person had assumed that he was now a member of the faith represented by the church he was now speaking and when the person was informed he was indeed still a Mormon; she was offended that he would be speaking (as a guest in a non religious meeting) at an event hosted by the church because he was a Mormon.  Really?  We still think on this level?

CourageMakers was created because we are at a time in our world that we need to unite together, regardless of our religious affiliation.  We need to unite as people of God.  The LDS Church just had their semi-annual General Conference and one of the General Authorities that spoke related the experience he and his family had welcoming the Sabbath with a Jewish friend.  They participated in the centuries old ritual, and his thoughts went to all the needless persecutions of a people that are very close to God.  He bore testimony of the Sabbath.  What a wonderful experience for him to be able to participate in, that only solidified his own testimony of the Sabbath.

Tina Tatum, the remarkable woman who brought everyone together in worship. Photo by Cherokee Rose Photography

In the same vein, Tina Tatum spoke on Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.  She was not using the King James Version of the Bible which I am used to using, however, her statement hit me in the core of my being.  Satan asked Eve, “Yes, but did God REALLY say not to eat of the tree?”  What a profound statement!!  She then related that to the world today and how they use the same method to change doctrine; to tempt followers to walk a different road; and to belittle those who follow the commandments of the Lord.  It was a profound statement that still resounds within me!  What a simple way to put how the world reacts to the commandments.

The first night Evangelist Latrice Ryan presented a message that so many of us need to hear.  She said sometimes God doesn’t ‘fix’ things because you aren’t supposed to fix it, you are supposed to release it.  Our world today wants to blame someone else for all things to happen to us, and then try to fix the person that did the deed.  Ryan listed many instances that the world wants us to wallow in, but God wants us to release; abuse, rape, molestation, slander, relationships, emotional pain, and on and on.  She reiterated that God said it can’t be fixed, it can only be released.  What an amazing word that the world needs to hear!  Dwelling and reliving and constantly blaming only destroys the person; releasing it and turning it all over to Christ lifts us up and brings peace to our lives.  This is a message that transcends all faiths, all beliefs, all tenets, all creeds.  It is a worldly message that all need to embrace.  Ryan’s message unfortunately only reached the select few that attended the RefresHer 2015 conference; but it resonated.

Sherri Henley related selling sunglasses and Bibles to pay the rent. Release the past, Refresh the present. Photo by Cherokee Rose Photography

Aside from the excellent speakers, the women in attendance alone were so inspirational, that one longed for longer time at dinner or free time to continue remarkable conversations.  A walk around the lake with a woman who, with her husband, have a ministry for the Christians in Pakistan.  What an amazing woman.  To walk and talk with her for few select moments throughout the two days was just too few.  Her insight to what is really happening with refugees, where the true Christian refugees are (in hiding, not out in the public running to different countries), the sadness of Muslims who hear about Christianity and then have to go into hiding if they believe, and the Christian school they have built in Pakistan.  This is an amazing sister in the gospel.

The dinner companions that all shared the same thing in common, they were victims of abuse.  Their stories of staying until they woke up to the real danger they were in were amazing to me.  Then, their conversion stories and how they each have left the abuse in the past and placed Christ in their forefront.  The wonderful sister whose ex-husband showed up at her and her current husband’s home destitute; and before she knew what was happening, her husband allowed her ex-husband to stay.  Over a year later, he was beginning to become comfortable in staying with them.  So comfortable that he made a threat to her, and somewhere within her she told him to get out of her house, now, not later, but now.  She had the courage now she didn’t have before, and perhaps her current husband (a true man of God, in her own words) knew she needed that extra step to truly release all that had happened to her.  And, seeing her in a different light, he shrunk down in stature, and left.  The dynamic sister that one would never had guessed had endured abuse, told of being a teenager and being shot by her boyfriend because she was leaving him (and he thought she was seeing someone else).  These women collaborated their experiences, and by the end of the night, they were discussing their book!  The energy that was brought to that group of women over those few days of inspiration and praise created new ministries that alone they might now have conceived.

Pastor Tina Tatum achieved something that the world cannot do because it allows shallowness and pride to get in the way…truly a varied spectrum of belief systems and a true love within the sisterhood of Christ.  It’s amazing what can happen when we realize that we are children of God, and regardless of how we come to that knowledge, it is a fact, and when we release the past thought processes, we can refresh the world!  Thank you Tina for a wonderful experience, I can’t wait until next year!!

The New Site!

eleanor roosevelt quoteWe are making changes.  That’s a good thing, right?  To see the product reviews you will now go to our magazine website.

This site will be dedicated to inspirational posts to allow you to muster up the courage needed to live in today’s extremely negative world.

We are introducing our Life Image program.  The world teaches us to seek gratification in the moment, that instant gratification is the standard for which to strive.  Instant gratification provides no lasting feeling of worth.  We have implemented a goal setting program, complete with coaching if you choose.  We took our brand, Your True Colours, and related those daily needs to develop subject levels.

Where are you going?  Is your future dismal and full of regrets; or, are you ready to set sail to the future that will be dotted with beauty within yourself and the lives of others?

  • You:  The need for you to allow time for yourself, for your own development.  We can give and give, however, if we are not refilling the cup, it will run dry.
  • Omnipotent:  An homage to your faith, creating goals and needs to strength your own faith.
  • Understand:  A guide to learn to understand others, to gain knowledge…the power that no one can take away from you.
  • Relatives:  Those people that you didn’t choose to be in your life can sometimes be the greatest joy, or greatest heartache.  Strive to create a positive relationship, even in difficult situations, a positive relationship can be created.  It may be one of keeping a distance, but still allowing forgiveness to not hamper your well being.  Forgiveness doesn’t always mean that you must keep someone in your life.
  • Thankful:  Gratitude is one of the strongest ways to create a life of balance, and peace.
  • Refer:  Give someone a pat on the back!  The waitress that went the extra, drop a note to the manager.  You will never see the result, but rest assured that you focused on the positive.
  • Utility:  Your physical self stands in need of attention as much as your mental and spiritual self.
  • Ethics: Integrity is becoming a lost art.  Let’s bring it back from obscurity!
  • Creative:  A life devoid of happiness through art, music, reading, or just laughing becomes extremely despondent and cannot function in a negative society.
  • Optimism:  Sometimes we have to go to our ‘Happy Place’, sometimes we have to be the one that sees the glass as half full.  We never know when our own optimism will make a change in someone’s life.
  • Leadership:  Leaders are in high demand, why?  They are become obsolete.  Stand out in the crowd, garner leadership skills that will place you in a spiritual high that will draw others to you.
  • Opportunity:  Seek out and act on opportunities that come you way.  Whether it be the opportunity to do something for someone, to smile at those you meet during your day, or just to act on a prompting you have.
  • Useful:  Develop talents that you have always wanted to perfect, or just to learn a little more about.  Master a talent you have let falter.  Create a talent that will make  you a useful member of society at all times.
  • Record:  Create a family history, a personal history, a daily meditation journal; any of these your grandchildren will cherish when you are no longer around to smile for them.
  • Service:  The one true way that we can lose our own troubles, focusing on service to others.

A New You: Lee Wallace

Lee Wallace Before
Lee Wallace Before

Who: Lee Wallace; one grown daughter and two grandsons; lives in Midtown, and is a registered dietitian at the Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities.

Issues: A co-worker submitted Wallace because she needed a new look. Wallace agreed, and said she needed color, and she had no clue what length skirt would work for her, or what styles in general were good for her.

Hair fix: Karl Smith, a creative colorist at DiVa Colour Studio in Memphis, TN, who trained in London with advanced training in Australia, explained to Wallace that with just one-third gray, she didn’t need drastic color. Smith applied a golden varnish to give tonal dimension within her hair color. He then used the Balayage highlighting technique of light dusting of color near the root to a full coverage of color near the ends. The method will ease Wallace’s gray into her hair, creating an illusion of extra highlighting.

Smith trimmed about 3 inches off Wallace’s hair to set the foundation for the cut that he would create based on her needs, type of hair and face shape.

The result was a style tapered around her face and layered in the back that gave Wallace’s hair body and shape, even when she shook her head. Wallace mixed Barex Hairgomine and Raha Silky Smooth to give Wallace anti-humidity protection and shine without losing body. Indie Hair Powder, which is good for fine, straight hair, was used to give lift at the crown. The final styling was done with a round brush alternating heat and cold settings on the blow dryer.

Beauty fix: I used mineral makeup by Cheyenne’s Designs, an online company based in Mississippi. Wallace does not wear makeup often and wanted as many tips as we could offer. I started with Nude Opal mineral powder, building the foundation over red areas to create a soft palette. The pigment of the foundation was so strong (a positive) that no concealer was needed, and I did not apply a blush, allowing instead her naturally rosy cheeks to show and be softened by the foundation.

I used green gold along the lower lid topped with Joy over the entire lid. I used dark brown mineral powder eye shadow as an eyeliner on the lower lash line. Wallace has a problem with mascara, so we brushed her lashes with the dark brown mineral powder. Translucent Setting Powder was patted over the foundation. Lip color, in a pot, in Pink Magic, nearly the color of Wallace’s lips, was applied with a lip brush.

Fashion fix: I took Wallace to the Clothes Mentor, a growing national chain resale store in Cordova, TN. Using Wallace’s Warm Golden Colour Palette, we narrowed the search to certain colors. Then, from those colors, I showed her how to make choices based on her personality and body line.

Wallace has high hips, so she needs clothes that help create definition for her waist. We agreed on building from a knee-length straight blue skirt and black skirt. Finding the right skirt required a few try-ons; tapered hip skirts have extra material at the hips that becomes wing-like on someone with high hips.  Then, finding the correct length for Wallace’s comfort was the next problem.  Unfortunately, many skirts made today come shorter than most women want.  We went through several skirts trying to find the right fit and the right length.

We then chose a black-and-yellow print blouse, added a thin black belt just below the bust line, and spotlighted the colors with a bright yellow bangle and a lime-green shell necklace.

For her second outfit, we chose a blue linen short swing coat to go over an off-white rumpled full-cut tank, and for a pop of color, an orange linen scarf and orange plastic link-bracelet. Nude peep-toe pumps were chosen to go with both skirts, so as not to redirect the eye from her outfit.

Score card: “I love my hair,” Wallace said as she swiftly moved her head to make her hair bounce. “The clothes are great, the store is great — I love it all! The makeup is so easy to use; I would actually put makeup on!”  A few days later, Wallace admitted that she could not get the style exactly as Smith had styled it; however, she said that it still looked great, even with her limited skills.  She was elated that she had found such a talented  stylist.

Clothes Mentor gave Wallace both complete outfits, and she purchased a couple more tops.

DiVa Colour Studio gave Wallace the Robert Ramos shampoo and conditioner, Alto Bella Styling Foam, and Indie Round 2 Hair Powder.

Fashion Academy gave her the Warm Golden Colour Palette.

Lee Wallace after 1
Lee Wallace After
Lee Wallace after 2
Lee Wallace After

A New You: Jo Garner

Who: Jo Garner, 50, of Germantown; mortgage originator at Evolve Bank and Trust; host for WREC-AM 600’s “Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe”; facilitator of the networking group Talk Shoppe.

Issues: Wanted to lose weight, and wanted a more professional look since she is in the public more and more with her business ventures.

Jo Garner Before
Jo Garner Before

Jo Garner After

Hair fix: Certified stylist Bob Turner of Gould’s Spa and Salon in Collierville took on creating an easy-care style for Garner. To illuminate her natural color, he applied a clear glaze for a healthy shine. Garner’s new style had to be able to be styled without any tools (she admitted to Turner she didn’t even own a blow dryer). Turner created a style that was shorter in the back, and was textured throughout so her fine hair would be able to hold its own style. He used shears and a razor along the neckline and outer edges for softness. Turner used B&B Thickening Full Form Mousse while Garner’s hair was wet; then on dry hair he used B&B Thickening Crème Contour and styled with his fingers.

Beauty fix: I used Your True Colours makeup, starting with moisturizer, followed by primer. Over her entire face, I used Light Collage Mineral Pressed Foundation, mostly for ease of use. Charcoal mineral shadow was applied along the upper lash line, Wheat was used over the entire lid after the Charcoal, for ease of blending. Brown loose powder mineral eyeliner was applied along the lower lash line with an angled brush and sealant. Bob Turner applied hair color to Garner’s eyebrows to match her natural hair color and define her eyes. To complement Garner’s Warm Golden skin tone, Studio Gear Natural Peach cream to powder blush was lightly applied on the apple of the cheeks, and Playful lipstick was used, followed by Birthday Suit lip gloss.

Fashion fix: Vera Terrell, certified retail fashion consultant with Fashion Academy at Dillard’s Oak Court, fit Garner in her new size and new look — a Kasper separates pantsuit in gray, with a slight peplum jacket to enhance Garner’s waistline, and a fitted blue shirt. Gianni Bini kitten-heeled pointed-toe pumps in navy blue were chosen. To accent her true corporate look, pieces by 7 Lucky Stones, found on Facebook, were introduced. Labradorite beaded necklace with a matte gold chain and a bamboo jasper pendant on a brass chain enhanced by copper freshwater pearls accented with a labradorite and gray jade bracelet gave Garner just the right amount of accessories, since she normally doesn’t even wear a watch or earrings.

Fitness fix: Rita Connally, personal trainer at the Schilling Farms YMCA in Collierville, worked with Garner for just over three months. Connally stepped in to upgrade Garner’s initial regimen. Connally pushed Garner to her limits, then served as her facilitator and cheerleader when needed, continually challenging her as she advanced. Garner was instructed in general nutrition, healthful snacks, and options for food that would “fill her up.” The result: Garner lost inches and 25 pounds and added muscle. Garner went from a size 16 to a size 12 (a 12 is a little big, but a 10 is still a little tight).

Score card: “I love it. Thank you.” Garner said over and over. “My hair is amazing, and I can do this.” Schilling Farms YMCA gave Garner the three months of use of the Y for free, (And she is keeping up the membership to stay on top of her fitness, and keeping Connally as her personal trainer.), Fashion Academy gave her her colour palette, Dillard’s gave her 40 percent off on the clothes, which she purchased.

Insider info: From Connally: “A personal trainer does not necessarily stay with you the entire time. This makes people think they can’t afford a personal trainer. A personal trainer sets the program, then checks on you once in a while and makes changes as needed, or stays with you 100 percent of the time in the gym. You decide what you need and what you can afford.” From me: “Corporate accessories — think of each item you wear as five points. You are allowed 25 points. Wedding rings, watch, two stud earrings, equal 15 points. So, you can wear two more things. If earrings are larger than studs (no dangly), then they would be five points each.”

A New You: Sarah Henley

Who: Sarah Henley of Lake Cormorant, Miss., a single, 25-year-old social media consultant, who is 4-feet-7-inches tall.

Issues: She had worked in a warehouse, where it didn’t matter that she wore children’s jeans and T-shirts. But she found it difficult to look professional in an office job while wearing the children’s-size clothing that fit her diminutive stature.

Sarah Henley Before
Sarah Henley Before
Sarah Henley after
Sarah Henley After

Hair fix: Michelle Swiatkowski, cosmetologist at 525 Clothing Design Salon, took note of Henley’s youthful, dramatic personality, and created a more complimentary look, focusing on changing her intense red hair. She combined two Keune reds — intense copper red and orange copper — to create a red hair color that was on the Warm Golden color palette, ensuring it would not wash Henley’s already fair complexion completely out.

To build body in Henley’s hair, Swiatkowski used Kenra Thickening glaze, followed by the Polishing glaze to protect the hair without weighing it down. Swiatkowski created fullness in Henley’s ‘flat to her head’ style, using the Sahag dry cut. She inverted Henley’s style for length in the front, where it was needed. Swiatkowski’s cut made styling simple, hair spray first, then styling with a curling wand. Strong winds on the day of the shoot did not destroy the perfectly cut hair; all pieces fell right back into place, a must for a no-muss hairstyle.

Beauty fix: Rachel Evans, makeup artist at 525 Clothing Design Salon, used Luminaire Airbrush foundation shade No. 2 on Henley to create a smooth, even look. Drawing on the intensity of Henley’s hair color, Evans chose dark-brown copper and shimmer-gold eye shadows. To connect her eye color with the hair, Evans lined along the lash line with dark brown, then added a green liner on top of the brown liner on the upper lid only. Evans applied a soft warm pink blush with the Luminaire, too. Topping it off with Luminaire Brightening Glow, a slight gold pigment for a warm shine and to seal the makeup. Black mascara was applied on Henley’s naturally long lashes.

Swiatkowski had colored Henley’s brows in a dark auburn brown. The finishing touch was a bright intense cool pink, topped with a gold shimmer to create a warmer color for Henley.

Fashion fix: Carolyn Bendall, president of Fashion Academy and Image Consultant, searched for the right children’s store that was fitting for a 25-year-old professional. Monsoon, a United Kingdom-based store that recently opened in Shops of Saddle Creek, had classic items that filled the need. A cotton navy/cream striped blazer ($35) with a polyester flowing jumpsuit ($84), both machine washable, were a perfect fit.

Score card: Henley beamed, “I love it! I love the hair color! I feel like I actually look 25, instead of 12! I’m wearing this to the Business Over Coffee meeting on Thursday!” Shops of Saddle Creek gave Henley a $50 gift certificate, Fashion Academy gave her the Warm Golden color palette. Henley’s mother, Patty, purchased the hair products as a gift.

Insider info: From Evans: When you choose unnatural or intense hair color, never do the brows the same color. Brows should be a shade or two darker than the unnatural hair color. Example: For intense reds, use dark brown auburns; for unnatural purple hair, use dark black or deep brown for brows. When using reds, unnatural or intense, refrain from washing hair with shampoo more than twice a week. Red is the hardest dye to hold on to the hair shaft. Frequent washing will fade it quickly.

Bathing suits….fatkini?

It is amazing to me how designers just do not get it, sometimes.  Esther Williams, the famed swimmer and actress, started a line of swimwear for women that was more flattering than anything on the market, at the time.  Finding her swimwear was difficult when it first came out, because it sold out as soon as it was put on the floor. When I bought mine, I literally had to have it reserved for when it came in.  Now, a plus size blogger is designing a swimsuit that is beautiful, and specifically for plus size women, Gabifresh.  Yes, the line is called Gabifresh, NOT fatkini like you will see in articles.  It took a 10 minute search to finally find the ‘real’ name of these wonderful plus size swimsuits.  Isn’t that sad.

Women want to cover certain areas of our bodies, we do not want it all exposed.  Women have had no favors given to them in the line of bathing suit designs.  Very sad.  Tapered hip women who have hips and put their weight on in their thighs, lower tummy, and bottom (no matter the size, from a size 2 to 22!!), were destroyed by the ‘French cut’ bathing suit.  You know the one, the side goes all the way up to the waist now!  It started with just about an inch hike on the side, and it just kept getting higher and higher.  Well, those style was created to ‘lengthen the leg’.  Here is the problem with that logic.  It is only flattering on a high hip body type, one that has no definitive waist, they put their weight on across the middrif.  And, they usually already have longer legs than average.  So, why would they want longer legs?  Who would want longer legs, tapered hips.  However, the ‘French cut’ accented their hips, in a very unflattering way.  So, in reality this style was created for NO ONE!!

The elegant swimsuit is one that covers the hip on the tapered hip woman.  Or, that creates waist for the high hip woman.  The elegant swimsuit is the one that a woman can wear and not fear what she may show while playing in the water.

Now, there are those of you that are thinking I am a prude.  Well, no.  I’ve lived in California and Hawaii.  I’ve seen the tee shirts that are worn OVER the skimpy bathing suits.  Not just while on the beach, but while in the water.  I’ve also seen the skimpy bathing suits that were worn on the beach, and in the water.  And, the tee shirts far out number the other.  The item worn now over the bathing suit is the spandex short (usually an athletic short of type) or the ‘board shorts’.  So, you tell me…do women want to be covered on the beach?  Yes, they do.  Granted, there are those few that want to wear a bikini; and some with no care for what we see, meaning putting a size 14 body into a size 10 bikini.  Oh, that hurts my eyes just thinking about it.  Ladies apparently are not aware of the ‘Dunlap disease’.  Many men are accused of having it, however, women seem immune to it when they put on that bathing suit.  What is ‘Dunlap disease’?  When your belly has done lapped over your pants!

Check out these suits, they are timeless and elegant.  or

Esther Williams swimwear
Esther Williams swimwear
Gabifresh Swimwear
Gabifresh Swimwear
Swimdress by Esther Williams

Leggings, They are not Pants.

Leggings are not pants.  They never were meant to be pants.  And, yes, when you see them advertised they show them with a short top, but they also show them with NO top…would you replicate that style?  They show bras without a top over them, would you wear the bra without a top?  It is simply photographed that way for you to see the how the legging is made, is it a high waist that goes all the up to the bra line because it will smooth out the torso; is it to the waist; is it just below the waist.  That is why they photograph it that way. 

Leggings are relatively inexpensive, and there are those that perhaps see them as a cheaper pair of pants.  If you need to do that for budgeting purposes, then get a tunic to go with it.  Many inexpensive dresses can double as a tunic (because in reality they really are too short to be a dress!).  The top should always come at minimum an inch below the crotch in the front and completely cover the behind in the back, with several inches to spare.  The stylish high-low tunics (or mullet tunics, as some call them), are perfect for leggings, assuming they do cover the crotch in the front. 

The general public just doesn’t need as much information as a legging with a crop top or short top provides.  We really don’t need to know exactly where your underwear is; or terrifyingly the lack of underwear.  We don’t need to see your little rolls of adipose tissue, or the wrinkles of cellulite, or the exact outline of your female nether regions (also called ‘taco pants’).  It is just not pleasant.  And, no, the men do not want to see it, either.  I’ve seen many men turn away from such a sight; laugh between each other; roll eyes; or mouth the word ‘seriously’.  For the one or two men that might be attracted to such a display, they are probably not the men you want to attract.  I’ve seen posts of one of my young female friends’ on Facebook post over and over, “Women, you don’t want that type of attention!” 

Body type can come into play with leggings.  A high hip does the best with leggings and tunics, they can do any type of tunic.  A tapered hip should do a full tunics, an aline tunic, a princess cut tunic, basically any tunic that has lots of room from the waist down.  If a tapered hip uses a straight tunic, they will achieve close to the same affect as wearing a crop or short top with the legging.  There must be room for the top to move, and it should not tuck under the behind, or under the tummy.  For a wonderful look, the top should glide gracefully over the tummy and the bottom. 

leggings-as-pants5 60035740 07-e1360092608723

I purposefully showed slender women wearing leggings the wrong way, the blue one and the gray ones; and the right way the black ones and the brown ones; because I wanted to make a point that just because you are slender still means these rules apply to you.  I’ve heard slender women, while wearing leggings incorrectly, say about a larger woman wearing incorrectly, that they should never wear leggings…..not realizing that they look just as bad.  Just face it, leggings are not pants!!

One last note about leggings, they are NOT office appropriate for Corporate or Communicative business. how to wear red jeggings for curvy women Even on Casual Friday.  They are not appropriate.  Even worn correctly.  They are not appropriate.  In a Creative busniess environment, worn correctly, they will work.

Do the same rules apply to Jeggings?  Absolutely.  Postively.  See the red jeggings……