Your True Colours

Once again we are going through changes.  It has taken a lot of soul-searching and prayer.  I had kind of bowed out of the ‘fashion’ business.  It had worn me down.  The hype.  The hatefulness.  The ‘one-upmanship’.  The bullying.  I just couldn’t take it anymore and that is when we moved toward inner image.  I just couldn’t handle the ‘outer’ image business anymore.

Then, an ‘itching’ in the back of my mind that just couldn’t go away, I finally listened to and have decided I need to go back and stay in the business after all.  Why?  Because of the bullying.  I can’t handle the bullying anymore.

“How can you wear that?!”

“The most atrocious patterns put together to create a bag lady look.”

“Why are women falling for the baggy clothes look?”

And the comments go on and on and on and on….and they are all basically the same, “That isn’t something that I would wear so therefore it is awful and YOU should not wear it.”

Dear Commenter who feels you must tear someone else down to uplift yourself, “Your taste is not my taste.  Your style is not my style.  Your body is not my body.  Your coloring is not my coloring.  Your budget is not my budget.  So, therefore, smile and go on with your day because the old adage ‘If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing’ still applies.”

So, in celebration of all of the commenters that will HATE what I am going to say and tell me all the reasons why I shouldn’t wear this item of clothing, here it is:

blue leggings
LulaRoe leggings and Cassie skirt are so comfortable I don’t even change into my pajamas when I get home.

My life is devoid of jeans.  I do still have some, but I wear them about long enough to change into something else.  (I have heard rumor that LulaRoe is going to carry jeans, this may be a game changer.)

LulaRoe is probably the most bullied line of clothing out there right now.  All of the ‘experts’ say this is a fad that will go away and the cheap clothes just won’t stand the test of time.  So…you haven’t tried on a pair of those leggings have YOU?  I am in the process of throwing out all of the leggings that I have purchased at Dillard’s and Macy’s, and the one from Cato (because it took ONE pair bought at Wal-Mart to know that those leggings for short, super, skinny people even in xxl).  Now, one problem is that LulaRoe rarely has solids, but I am getting there.  (Rare ones are called ‘Unicorns’.)

So, when you see me in leggings and a dress which is probably a LulaRoe Carly or a Bryn Walker, or really, really long Bryn Walker tunic, or a pencil skirt which is probably a LulaRoe Cassie; I am really in jeans.  Those are my jeans now.  And, each of my posts will feature the leggings of the day.  Yes, those atrocious designs that look like a bag lady; I will feature them with EACH post no matter the content of the post.  Feel free to share your atrocious designed leggings, too.  It will be fun!!

The second most bullied line is Bryn Walker.  Talk about comfort, well, it has a higher price point and it is probably more durable than LulaRoe; but that is okay.  We have our fun clothes and we have our staple clothes.  Bryn Walker’s pants are billowy.  They aren’t a second skin with the waist just above one’s tailbone.  They are like wearing pajamas all day.  They are classy and stand out.  Their tunics are the most flattering tops I’ve seen to go with leggings.  And, they are washable.  As in, I put them in my washing machine and then I put them in my dryer.  Then, I can iron them or I can wear them as is; most are linen and it just depends on my mood as to whether or not I will iron them.

So…what’s your favorite clothes that are bullied?  (Please don’t say pajama bottoms, I am totally fine with them.  I love them.  However, I just don’t have the nerve to wear them out to the store.  I have worn them when we went to gas for the car at night and I didn’t get out of the car because I have a wonderful husband that is filling it up for me.  But, I just can’t get out of the car…I can go to the mailbox, that you will see.)

So…that’s it.  We are going to have various types of posts.  Some will be about products and some will be about clothes.  If you have a line you want me to check out, email me!  If you know of a product or line that you want me to check out, email me!  Like me on Facebook and share this blog!  Let’s get the word out….WE AREN’T GOING TO TAKE FASHION BULLYING ANYMORE!!



A New You: Lee Wallace

Lee Wallace Before
Lee Wallace Before

Who: Lee Wallace; one grown daughter and two grandsons; lives in Midtown, and is a registered dietitian at the Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities.

Issues: A co-worker submitted Wallace because she needed a new look. Wallace agreed, and said she needed color, and she had no clue what length skirt would work for her, or what styles in general were good for her.

Hair fix: Karl Smith, a creative colorist at DiVa Colour Studio in Memphis, TN, who trained in London with advanced training in Australia, explained to Wallace that with just one-third gray, she didn’t need drastic color. Smith applied a golden varnish to give tonal dimension within her hair color. He then used the Balayage highlighting technique of light dusting of color near the root to a full coverage of color near the ends. The method will ease Wallace’s gray into her hair, creating an illusion of extra highlighting.

Smith trimmed about 3 inches off Wallace’s hair to set the foundation for the cut that he would create based on her needs, type of hair and face shape.

The result was a style tapered around her face and layered in the back that gave Wallace’s hair body and shape, even when she shook her head. Wallace mixed Barex Hairgomine and Raha Silky Smooth to give Wallace anti-humidity protection and shine without losing body. Indie Hair Powder, which is good for fine, straight hair, was used to give lift at the crown. The final styling was done with a round brush alternating heat and cold settings on the blow dryer.

Beauty fix: I used mineral makeup by Cheyenne’s Designs, an online company based in Mississippi. Wallace does not wear makeup often and wanted as many tips as we could offer. I started with Nude Opal mineral powder, building the foundation over red areas to create a soft palette. The pigment of the foundation was so strong (a positive) that no concealer was needed, and I did not apply a blush, allowing instead her naturally rosy cheeks to show and be softened by the foundation.

I used green gold along the lower lid topped with Joy over the entire lid. I used dark brown mineral powder eye shadow as an eyeliner on the lower lash line. Wallace has a problem with mascara, so we brushed her lashes with the dark brown mineral powder. Translucent Setting Powder was patted over the foundation. Lip color, in a pot, in Pink Magic, nearly the color of Wallace’s lips, was applied with a lip brush.

Fashion fix: I took Wallace to the Clothes Mentor, a growing national chain resale store in Cordova, TN. Using Wallace’s Warm Golden Colour Palette, we narrowed the search to certain colors. Then, from those colors, I showed her how to make choices based on her personality and body line.

Wallace has high hips, so she needs clothes that help create definition for her waist. We agreed on building from a knee-length straight blue skirt and black skirt. Finding the right skirt required a few try-ons; tapered hip skirts have extra material at the hips that becomes wing-like on someone with high hips.  Then, finding the correct length for Wallace’s comfort was the next problem.  Unfortunately, many skirts made today come shorter than most women want.  We went through several skirts trying to find the right fit and the right length.

We then chose a black-and-yellow print blouse, added a thin black belt just below the bust line, and spotlighted the colors with a bright yellow bangle and a lime-green shell necklace.

For her second outfit, we chose a blue linen short swing coat to go over an off-white rumpled full-cut tank, and for a pop of color, an orange linen scarf and orange plastic link-bracelet. Nude peep-toe pumps were chosen to go with both skirts, so as not to redirect the eye from her outfit.

Score card: “I love my hair,” Wallace said as she swiftly moved her head to make her hair bounce. “The clothes are great, the store is great — I love it all! The makeup is so easy to use; I would actually put makeup on!”  A few days later, Wallace admitted that she could not get the style exactly as Smith had styled it; however, she said that it still looked great, even with her limited skills.  She was elated that she had found such a talented  stylist.

Clothes Mentor gave Wallace both complete outfits, and she purchased a couple more tops.

DiVa Colour Studio gave Wallace the Robert Ramos shampoo and conditioner, Alto Bella Styling Foam, and Indie Round 2 Hair Powder.

Fashion Academy gave her the Warm Golden Colour Palette.

Lee Wallace after 1
Lee Wallace After
Lee Wallace after 2
Lee Wallace After

A New You: Jo Garner

Who: Jo Garner, 50, of Germantown; mortgage originator at Evolve Bank and Trust; host for WREC-AM 600’s “Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe”; facilitator of the networking group Talk Shoppe.

Issues: Wanted to lose weight, and wanted a more professional look since she is in the public more and more with her business ventures.

Jo Garner Before
Jo Garner Before

Jo Garner After

Hair fix: Certified stylist Bob Turner of Gould’s Spa and Salon in Collierville took on creating an easy-care style for Garner. To illuminate her natural color, he applied a clear glaze for a healthy shine. Garner’s new style had to be able to be styled without any tools (she admitted to Turner she didn’t even own a blow dryer). Turner created a style that was shorter in the back, and was textured throughout so her fine hair would be able to hold its own style. He used shears and a razor along the neckline and outer edges for softness. Turner used B&B Thickening Full Form Mousse while Garner’s hair was wet; then on dry hair he used B&B Thickening Crème Contour and styled with his fingers.

Beauty fix: I used Your True Colours makeup, starting with moisturizer, followed by primer. Over her entire face, I used Light Collage Mineral Pressed Foundation, mostly for ease of use. Charcoal mineral shadow was applied along the upper lash line, Wheat was used over the entire lid after the Charcoal, for ease of blending. Brown loose powder mineral eyeliner was applied along the lower lash line with an angled brush and sealant. Bob Turner applied hair color to Garner’s eyebrows to match her natural hair color and define her eyes. To complement Garner’s Warm Golden skin tone, Studio Gear Natural Peach cream to powder blush was lightly applied on the apple of the cheeks, and Playful lipstick was used, followed by Birthday Suit lip gloss.

Fashion fix: Vera Terrell, certified retail fashion consultant with Fashion Academy at Dillard’s Oak Court, fit Garner in her new size and new look — a Kasper separates pantsuit in gray, with a slight peplum jacket to enhance Garner’s waistline, and a fitted blue shirt. Gianni Bini kitten-heeled pointed-toe pumps in navy blue were chosen. To accent her true corporate look, pieces by 7 Lucky Stones, found on Facebook, were introduced. Labradorite beaded necklace with a matte gold chain and a bamboo jasper pendant on a brass chain enhanced by copper freshwater pearls accented with a labradorite and gray jade bracelet gave Garner just the right amount of accessories, since she normally doesn’t even wear a watch or earrings.

Fitness fix: Rita Connally, personal trainer at the Schilling Farms YMCA in Collierville, worked with Garner for just over three months. Connally stepped in to upgrade Garner’s initial regimen. Connally pushed Garner to her limits, then served as her facilitator and cheerleader when needed, continually challenging her as she advanced. Garner was instructed in general nutrition, healthful snacks, and options for food that would “fill her up.” The result: Garner lost inches and 25 pounds and added muscle. Garner went from a size 16 to a size 12 (a 12 is a little big, but a 10 is still a little tight).

Score card: “I love it. Thank you.” Garner said over and over. “My hair is amazing, and I can do this.” Schilling Farms YMCA gave Garner the three months of use of the Y for free, (And she is keeping up the membership to stay on top of her fitness, and keeping Connally as her personal trainer.), Fashion Academy gave her her colour palette, Dillard’s gave her 40 percent off on the clothes, which she purchased.

Insider info: From Connally: “A personal trainer does not necessarily stay with you the entire time. This makes people think they can’t afford a personal trainer. A personal trainer sets the program, then checks on you once in a while and makes changes as needed, or stays with you 100 percent of the time in the gym. You decide what you need and what you can afford.” From me: “Corporate accessories — think of each item you wear as five points. You are allowed 25 points. Wedding rings, watch, two stud earrings, equal 15 points. So, you can wear two more things. If earrings are larger than studs (no dangly), then they would be five points each.”